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Mia Evers never expected middle school to be easy, but she also didn’t expect to have a demon haunting homeroom.

While everyone in the world has magic linked to one of seven elements—Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Light, Kindred, or super rare Dark, Mia is team Dark, the element that deals with sneaky demons and mysterious ghosts. Even though she tries hard to hide her Dark abilities, she still creeps people out, including herself.

It doesn’t help that there’s an annoying ghost telling her to leave, or that there’s a boy with a creepy black mass attached to him, or even that there’s a demon in homeroom that only she can see. When students start falling ill, suspicion falls on Mia, and people start raising questions about her abilities.

Saving her classmates is the only way to prove her innocence, forcing Mia to turn to the only one willing to help her: the homeroom demon. But the price of a demon’s help will cost her more than she ever thought.

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