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Mia Evers 1 book cover
Mia Evers and the Demon's Curse

BOOK 1 of the Mia Evers Series​

Mia Evers never expected school to be easy, but the demon haunting homeroom totally complicates things.


Going to a new school sucks. Trying to fit in as a Dark sucks more. All the other alignments enjoy an easy, normal life of wielding the elements or communing with plants, animals, and spiritual beings. But Darks? Ghosts and demons give them zero personal space, not to mention the creeps.

Right as things seem to be getting normal, the homeroom demon spreads a deadly curse. With no one to turn to for help, Mia's the only person in the whole school with the power to fight demons and save her classmates.


Can Mia find the courage to embrace her totally not-normal demon-slaying powers before the demon decides she's next on the menu?


Mia Evers and the Demon’s Curse is the first book in Angela Guajardo’s Mia Evers Series. This fast-paced, heartfelt adventure is sure to please fans of Percy Jackson, Robert Beatty, and Brandon Mull.

Mia Evers and the Child of Light

BOOK 2 of the Mia Evers Series

Everyone knows little sisters are annoying. But when something's trying to kill your little sister, things reach a whole new level of nuisance.


Light-aligned little Bela leaves Mia's parents and school board gushing. But someone—or something—on campus doesn't seem to agree, plaguing Bela with weird, and increasingly dangerous attacks.


It’s not enough that Mia has to juggle homework, sports, and Dark lessons. She also has to figure out how to save her sister before Mom and Dad think she’s the one behind it.


Mia Evers and the Child of Light is the second installment of the Mia Evers series. It offers a fun read for fans of Dhonielle Clayton and Rena Barron.

Mia Evers and the Twisted Souls

BOOK 3 of the Mia Evers Series


Ever since Mia Evers set foot in Toolena Mesa, something seemed off with the principal. Recent events revealed a deep, dark secret he’s willing to do anything to protect.


Making life even more complicated is the new demon on campus, a loner named Tradereth. This demon wants Mia’s help with a personal agenda against the principal. The problem is that Tradereth won’t help Mia without striking a bargain.


Said bargain promises to make life so much easier, and with fewer and fewer places to turn for help, the steep asking price might be the best option.


Mia Evers and the Twisted Souls is the third installment in the Mia Evers series. It promises a thrilling tale that matches likes of Andrew Peterson, Justin Cronin, and Harry Potter.

Mia Evers and the Promised Bargain book cover
Mia Evers and the Promised Bargain

BOOK 4 of the Mia Evers Series

Great power is both a blessing and a curse. In Mia’s case it’s becoming more and more apparent that it’s causing more problems than creating solutions. Her heroic efforts have rang the dinner bell in the demon realm.


Tradereth wants Mia all to herself. So do a host of other demons attracted to Mia’s Dark powers. She possesses great potential for chaos that demons love and crave to unleash on the realm of the living. 


Of course there are forces in place to combat chaos, one in the form of the Grand Light Order, a mysterious organization with secret motives. Even after descending upon Toolena Mesa in response to recent events, it’s unclear whether they’re friend or foe. All Mia knows is that she has her back pressed to the proverbial wall with the Order on one side and far too many demons on the other, and allies being removed from play with every decision she makes.


There is still a bargain on the table—one that just might have fewer consequences than trying to fight a multitude of battles—both living and demonic—alone.

Coming 2023
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Mia Evers and the Numen Toils

BOOK 5 of the Mia Evers Series


If Mia Evers had a choice between facing the start of high school or dealing with power-hungry demons, she would totally take the demons. 


That is, until one of those demons decides to call in the favor Mia owes her. The demon Tradereth sends Mia on an extracurricular quest to find a deadly relic that probably means really bad news for everyone. 


It’s not like Mia has time to deal with these shenanigans. Things aren’t bad at home, but that’s because there is no home with Dad still in prison, Mom in the hospital, and her and Bela in separate foster homes. Stuff is getting weird and awkward with her friends (they call it growing up, but whatever). And joining the youth group of the Grand Light Order probably wasn’t the best life choice she has ever made. 


But, speaking of bad life choices, the demon’s quest might just be the worst one ever because after everything Mia did to get Tradereth to leave her friends and family alone, it turns out she may be the deadliest threat to them all.

Coming 2024
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